Friday, July 3, 2009

Reversing the swing of a door

I recently did a small carpentry job so that an interior door that opened into a room would open out instead. I have reversed the swing of both interior and exterior doors many times over the years. As a handyman and carpenter, I enjoy working on doors.

On this door I reversed the swing without removing or disturbing the jamb or the door trim. I first removed the door, hinges and door stops. I mortised the jamb on the outside with a chisel and mallet for the hinges and I installed the leafs of the hinges in the new locations. Then, I reversed the position of the other leafs of the hinges on the door after also using the mallet and chisel.

Next, new stops were attached to the jamb and the stike bore for the door knob was drilled. The knob was installed and the strike plate. The old mortise positions for the hinges and the strike area needed to be patched before painting. The door now opens out, instead of swinging in and it works very well.

The photos below illustrate the reverse of the swing of the door.