Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Carpentry: Pass Through

Recently we finished a carpentry job which consisted of building a pass through in the wall between the kitchen and dining room. Like many of the older homes , the walls were plaster and the dimensions of the framing was a little different than the lumber that is currently available.

Cutting out the wall for the initial demolition was a bit more difficult than working with sheetrock walls. The plaster is harder to cut through and messier than modern drywall. We determined that the wall was not load bearing.

We framed the wall to match the original arch that is located between the living room and dining room and covered the new framing with sheetrock after making adjustments for the thickness of the old wall. The customer obtained a very nice wooden piece that we used as the counter top. The result is a custom made , one of a kind improvement to a very solid house.

In the first photo below, the cut out for the pass through is shown. In the second photo, the job is almost complete, except for priming and painting of the walls, staining the counter top and installing the brackets for the counter top.