Sunday, May 10, 2009

Antique Wrench "Trimo" - Trimont Mfg.

Here is a photo of a wrench that was owned by my father. My son Jim and I have a few antique tools and this is our favorite. It is a 12" wrench made by Trimont Manufacturing . You can clearly see the patent date that is stamped on the wrench. That date was December 19, 1911.

Trimont Manufacturing was founded in July, 1889. The original founders were Alfred, Charles and Edward Ely.From what I have read, the company stopped making wrenchs in the 1940's. The company was located in Roxbury, Ma.

My father and my uncle were partners in a plumbing & heating business for many years. This wrench has seen many years of use and is still in very good condition.My son and I continue to do some plumbling as part of our handyman business.